At IDENTITY LINGERIE, we are heading toward a more sustainable future, and while achieving complete sustainability in the fashion industry might not be currently possible, we are delighted to embrace the potential of positive change.

The steps we’re taking to improve our production footprint include:

zero-waste practices

We transform our fabric remnants into stylish hair accessories and packaging pouches, as well as repurposing tiny pieces for button production.

We donate our old stock fabric and leftovers to Ukrainian charities which produce linens and undergarments to be used in hospitals for the wounded, as well as military camouflage nets

By prioritising timelessness over fast fashion trends, we integrate the same fabrics throughout different collections from season to season. This allows us to reduce excess fabric waste.

3-5 times a year, we source materials in small batches after carefully analysing consumer trends and patterns. This approach prevents overstocking and ensures nothing at all goes to waste.

on-demand production


We produce garments in frequent, small batches so that we can meet current demand and quickly adjust to changing consumer patterns, while minimising the detrimental effects of mass manufacturing.

When our new collection debuts, we sew it in small volumes, to begin with, and then meticulously monitor customer response to avoid excess production and overstocking.

slow fashion

We limit the number of collections we produce each year because we’re not in the business of chasing the latest trends. Instead, we focus on crafting high-quality garments that last for years to come. All our lines are released in small drops to ensure their relevance throughout the seasons.

We pride ourselves on creating timeless carry-over designs which remain relevant, such as our long pyjamas with piping. They’re the absolute classy staple. Catering to all ages and sizes, they’ve captured the hearts of our customers, representing a true must-have for every season.

refurbishing returns


We refrain from disposing of returns. Instead, we delicately refurbish returned items if necessary to make sure most returns are resold.

We take pride in manufacturing our hair accessories from 100% remnants & non-refurbishable returns. This helps us stick to our sustainable principles while also expanding our product line.



We absolutely recognise the significance of responsible packaging in our journey. This is why we use biodegradable and recyclable materials when delivering our garments.

Each garment comes delivered in exclusive pouches made of our fabric remnants. Versatile and stylish, they’re perfect for storing your belongings and double as convenient travel essentials.

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