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Igor & Diana’s love story spans international borders and blossomed in the UK County of Surrey. As compatriots from Ukraine, their paths became intertwined, as he was studying at the University of Surrey while also working as a photographer, and she was pursuing her modelling career in London.

Together, the idea to create a brand was sparked, inspired by both Igor and Diana watching their mothers sew together beautiful garments throughout their childhood. Armed with her own sewing machine and big ideas, Diana proudly tailored her first lingerie set at the tender age of 14. She always felt fashion was her calling.

Throughout Diana’s years in modelling, she found herself under intense pressure to change her body to meet unrealistic beauty standards. The industry, our co-founder concludes, has always forced women to adopt unhealthy lifestyles and diets, which in turn, has greatly influenced the perception of beauty by the end consumer.

At the same time, Igor, who was working as a photographer, has always been concerned about the excessive demands for photo retouching and editing required to meet the ever-increasing beauty standards in the fashion industry.

Driven by a desire to bring about change, partners knew that their brand’s mission would be to ignite self-love and confidence.

The brand started life in Guilford in 2017 during Igor’s final university year and Diana’s London modelling stint. For the first few years, the couple did everything on their own, from packaging and quality control to website development, with no prior programming knowledge.

Thankfully, they both had their mothers’ guidance and support back in the day, which allowed them to overcome early-stage challenges. Today, their team has grown to 9 people, with operations both in the UK and Ukraine and Igor’s Mom, Olena, overseeing logistics and quality control from the company’s current location in Lincolnshire.

Against the backdrop of their inspiring story, Igor and Diana went on to create a brand that truly reflects their experiences and vision – IDENTITY LINGERIE. The name itself represents the essence of their experience, with “ID” standing for our founders, added to “entity” to represent the self-confidence message they strive to convey.

IDENTITY LINGERIE is the epitome of Igor and Diana’s shared values. Their passion to empower people has shaped a brand that ignites confidence, celebrates beauty and creates an exceptional sense of comfort

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