How to wear a lace bralette top

Apr 9, 2018

If you are reading this, my best bet is you are having problems trying to figure out how to wear a bralette. See it this way, a bralette is almost like a crop top, call it a small crop top if you like.

It is a soft lacy bra with a lot of feminine touches. Interested in getting some lace bralettes? Check IDentity Lingerie to find your perfect bralette.

Below are ideas what to wear bralette with:

1) With a shirt

Some of us love wearing casual shirts, but don’t know how to match it with a comfortable bra to make a stylish look. This strappy bralette should do the trick.

2) Under a backless dress

When you wear backless dress, you wouldn’t want a stick on bra due to the unstylish it does. This caged back bralette is a brilliant solution.

3) Under a kimono robe

You can have fun with layers by pairing a tank and kimono with this bralette for the perfect casual look you would ever find.

4) With a loose sweater

When days get chilly, we love to wear loose sweaters but find it difficult to find comfortable bras. This right here would enhance that comfortable look and feel you crave.

5) Under a Black Sheer Teddy

Combined with higt-waisted shorts, black teddy and this triangle bralette would give you an adorable and sexy look.

6) Under a low tank top

Pairing a low tank with an overall or a kimono gives us this simple and confident look. What to wear with it? This floral bralette would be a perfect choice.

7) With a loose black tee

Black tees deserve lacy black bralettes peeking out from under them. And this one is no-brainer.

8) Under a sheer top

Nothing beats a sheer crop top for a sexy look. This bralette will enhance the look even further.

9) With a short overalls

When you wear short overalls with sneakers for a cool look, you want a bra that gives you a little bit of edge. Look no further than this.

10) Under open side tops

Shirts or tops with open sides can seem impossible to wear, but with this lace bralette, you should be good to go.

11) Under open back tops

An open-back top and this amazing harness back bralette would give you a stylish outfit for every day.

12) With a plaid shirt

Pairing a plaid shirt with jeans this black strappy bralette is one of the trendiest looks today. You should try it.

13) With a high-waisted skirt

You can wear a higt-waisted skirt and a blazer with a lace padded bralette to get that gorgeous look for a special occasion.

14) Over a crop top

Want a comfy yet sexy outfit? Try a triangle lace bralette over the crop top.

15) Under a sheer white blouse

When you wear a sheer white blouse, you might want to wear a bralette that doesn’t show your nipples.
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