A wedding day is one of the most important days of every woman’s life. You thoroughly prepare for it by choosing the dress, shoes, and stylists. However, you should bare in mind that there will be a time that night when you and your beloved partner will be finally left alone but the celebration won’t be over yet. If you really want to use your female charm and surprise the person you love, choose the stunning nightwear that will bring into focus your confidence and sexuality.
  • Interesting fact: According to the survey, almost 30% of wives-to-be choose the wedding night lingerie of other colours than the traditional white. Colours such as pink, red, and black are one of the most popular among brides. 

So without further ado, let’s go to the 6 most popular wedding night outfits.

What to wear on the wedding night:

1) Babydoll

Babydolls are very popular type of wedding night outfits. They are perfect for showing off your legs. Plus, this type of bridal lingerie is usually made of silk and lace, which are so nice to touch. Wearing babydoll dress will definitely make you will feel like a princess!

2) Bra set

Bra set is one of the best lingerie outfits to wear for a romantic night! This sexy set will definitely make you feel confident and during your wedding night. There is many types of them now in the market: unlined, cup-less, wireless etc. You will certainly find a perfect one for yourself.

3) Gorgeous Satin Robe

A satin dressing gowm is an ideal romantic outfit for the first wedding night: smooth and soft-touch fabric combined with the short length of the robe will definitely blow your partner’s mind! Moreover, it is a perfect outfit for both petite and plus size women, which can be worn as sexy lingerie or comfortable relaxing clothes.


4) Chemise

A short chemise made of see-through fabric and lace, silk nightwear with an interesting pattern, or satin nightdress with lace top stockings – any of these outfits will be suitable for the first wedding night. Just try to pick out the look that will express your individuality.

5) Long nightgown

Sophisticated and elegant, a long nightgown is another obvious choice for wedding night. Thanks to the length, this type of lingerie looks very fancy and makes you feel the same. Plus, a long nightgown will make you appear a little bit taller.

The only thing we don’t recommend you to wear is a simple and traditional nightgown. You will have plenty of time for that in future. Wedding night is your night to remember, so choose the lingerie that will make you look like a queen!

6) Sexy Satin Pajamas

5This is a lovely first wedding night suit that looks good on ladies of all shapes, especially plus size brides. Another benefit of satin pajamas is that they are super comfy and sexy at the same time. You can choose a model with lace or other see-through elements that will make you feel even more attractive.


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