Bridesmaids give first-hand assistance to the bride in times of developments and also help to plan wedding events such as bachelorette party, wedding shower and other related wedding events that can be quite stressful.

So this makes it only logical to repay the sacrifice of these beautiful beings with a token even though their love and commitment cannot be bought at any price.

When to give bridesmaid gifts

In order not to sadden and annoy others; one should be discreet when sharing bridal gifts, moments like wedding rehearsals shopping and lone moments are examples of ideal moments to show love to your girls. Some brides favour the use of gift items during their wedding ceremony, in a scenario like this, uniform items should be given to the maids early enough for the maids to make necessary adjustments before the wedding day, also you can give them presents on a wedding party.

How much to spend on bridesmaid gifts

Deciding what is a good bridesmaid gift could be quite tricky because there is a diverse range of presents in the market, so the best approach to selecting the best gifts should not only be based on its financial and cultural implications alone. Factors such as individual style and preference should also be put into consideration. It is not a necessity to get your maids the same items but gifts should be within the same price range in order not to create division amongst maids.

What to give bridesmaids as gifts

1) Personalized jewellery

If you love uniqueness and elegance this is a great idea that separates your bridesmaid from the crowd, they come in different forms like a fancy neckpiece, durable bracelet or small beautiful earrings.

2) Clutch

Giving the same clutchs for each bridesmaid helps unify the bond amongst your bridesmaid. It helps promote the feeling of equality amongst your maids and clutches are durable gifts that have a long lifespan.

3) Luxurious dressing gowns

Stylish and unique looking robe is a perfect bridesmaid gift. These gowns range from silk, satin, lace to mention but a few. This is a gift item that is loved by most ladies. Who doesn’t want to step out looking like a princess?! This is also a great outfit idea for a getting ready party. Check IDentity Lingerie’s beautiful range of dressing gowns.

4) Beauty boxes

Boxes containing hair, skin and makeup products is a good example when choosing gifts for your bridesmaids because ladies love looking gorgeous and radiant, so by giving them a beauty box you will surely be appreciated.

5) Gift certificate to a spa

It is always nice to relax after a hectic wedding schedule so treating your bridesmaid to a gift certificate to a spa helps relax and ease tension built as a result of the various wedding demands.

6) Gift box with champagne and sweets

A champaign bottle coupled with a pack of sweets or chocolate is a classy way of making your bridesmaid happy and committed to your course. An evening of chilled champagne and sweet while seeing a movie could be enjoyable.

7) Beautiful set of candles

Candle gifts are an inexpensive and affordable way of appreciating the commitment of bridesmaid during your wedding. Always pick bright and cute ones.

8) Photo albums

Looking for a creative gift on a budget? Make a cool photo album for each bridesmaid with you and your bridesmaid photos, it preserves the memories of your wedding and helps remind individual bridesmaid how vital they were to you during your wedding.

Where to buy bridesmaid gifts?

There are a lot of online and local stores offering gifts items for sale but identifying a durable, majestic and befitting item should top our consideration because our bridesmaids only deserve the best as a thank you gift for their commitment towards our wedding.

IDentity Lingerie is a significant and widespread online outlet that offers the best of bridesmaid gowns and many other nightwear and lingerie items of choice which comes at cost-efficient and affordable prices.

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