First night is particularly important for both partners so well done on being thoughtful and planning ahead! Of course, you would like it to be inimitable and memorable. We’re here to help you make things go nice and smooth! The list below ranges from sexy lingerie to elegant nightwear that you could wear for the first time sex.
  • Interesting fact: 84% of women own special lingerie set just for sex.

What to wear on the first night:

1) Bra set

A set of matching bra and panties always looks beautiful and attractive. That is why a bra set is the most obvious choice as the sexy lingerie for the first night. Not sure about the colour? The research shows that over 50% of men prefer black lingerie. The black colour is a universal one and will definitely look gorgeous on any skin type. It’s chic and slimming so it will make you feel more confident and relaxed too.
  • Useful to know: 33% of men have bralettes as their top pick for the sexiest women’s underwear. Couple that up with a sexy string and you’re good to go girl!

2) Babydoll

These sexy little dresses can open up the maximum of the female body. Today, the choice of babydolls is huge. There are models for both shy and more confident ladies. This type of negligee is ideal for girls who want to look feminine and elegant for the first-time sex.

Babydoll also helps create a sexy intrigue for the first night. A model can be decorated with cutouts, lace, and other pretty elements. You will definitely feel more attractive wearing one!

  • Interesting fact: 89% of women who wear lingerie say it makes them feel more confident during sex.

3) Luxurious robe

A satin robe is also a perfect thing to wear for the first time sex. It covers the most attractive parts of your body but leaves plenty of room for imagination. Smooth and light satin fabric will perfectly complement your soft skin and draw man’s attention, especially if you choose a bright red or a black robe. Plus, these dressing gowns aren’t tight-fitting so a good fit is pretty much guaranteed.

Another way to surprise your partner is to combine a babydoll or bralette set with the satin robe. You can appear all covered in a dressing gown and then reveal the bombshell hidden under it.


4) Sexy chemise

An ideal choice if you would like to show a little bit of your body but not too much. An above knee length will draw your partner’s attention to your beautiful legs. Chemises can be made of lace and see-through or made of silk and slightly decorated. However, we don’t recommend you wearing a cotton chemise because it looks very simple and doesn’t bring anything special to the moment. Such chemises are usually used for sleeping and not for seducing.

5) Long nightgown

This type of lingerie makes every girl look like a queen. And you deserve to be a queen on the first night of your intimacy.

If you are quite tall, you should pick floor-length nightgowns. If you are 5’3 feet or less, you should avoid wearing midi-length nightgowns because the will make you look shorter.

5) Nothing

Yes, this is not a typo. Sometimes keeping it simple is the key. Feeling comfortable during your first night is very important. If you don’t think you’d feel great wearing any of the above then maybe sticking to your casual clothes is the best option.


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