Do you dream of retaining a perfect quality look for your delicate lingerie over the time? Do you envision yourself using your lingerie for at least a couple of years but that dream is being hampered due to results after the wash?

Keep on reading to get a quality advice on how to maintain your delicates from an industry changing brand – IDentity Lingerie.

How to hand wash lingerie ordinarily or in the sink

  1. Get a detergent specifically made for hand-washing.
  2. Soak your lingerie or underwear in a clean washing bowl or sink.
  3. Apply the soap with cold or lukewarm water.
  4. Allow to soak completely and ensure proper circulation of water and detergent but never allow to stay too long in the water.
  5. Avoid rubbing underwear while in water. Rather, repeatedly push deep into the water and allow it to float up. This will loosen grime especially with bra.
  6. When convinced that the stuff being washed is clean, remove and rinse gently with clean water.

 How to wash underwear in washing machine

This though may not be a good option but for matters of urgency, when such occur, below are the basic steps to consider:
  1. Read care label to ascertain garment is fit for machine washing.
  2. Do not mix lingerie with clothes or heavy garments like towel.
  3. Always employ the use of specialized detergents to enhance timely stain removal.
  4. Make use of cold washing settings with temperature not more than 30 degrees Celsius.
  5. Make use of the ‘delicate’ or ‘hand wash’ cycle for your machine wash.
  6. Purchase and make use of lingerie wash-bag to prevent damage of delicate parts.
  7. Proper care should be given to machine washed lingerie while drying. Avoid hanging if possible. Lay flat on a surface and reshape back to its original nature to avoid loss of composure.
  8. Never leave your lingerie in machine after cycle is complete.
  9. On no condition should you place lingerie in the tumble dryer as that will lead to loss in durability.

How to wash white underwear

  1. Find a bowl with clean warm water that is not harmful to your hand.
  2. Apply suitable detergent that removes stains easily.
  3. Soak properly to ensure stain is properly removed.
  4. Wash with hand or machine using the steps as suggested for each method.

How to wash coloured underwear

  1. Look for clean water and a washing bowl.
  2. Apply suitable detergent (one that doesn’t bleach).
  3. Separate colours to avoid stains.
  4. Wash with hand or machine using the appropriate steps identified above.
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