Everyone, both male and female, knows what a brassier is; how it is used and its advantages.

What a lot of people do not know is that brassier as we know it may go extinct in some years to come.

Yes, shift away bra, bralettes are here.

Bralette meaning

Bralette is a wireless and mostly unlined bra top made of lace, cotton, satin etc.

They have quickly gained a lot popularity due to their main feature of freeing breasts. Mostly unlined and wire-free they provide an unheard of level of comfort for boobs.

And, of course, there are many types of bralettes which we will also cover in more detail later in this article.

Lace! Lace! Lace!

Bralettes are made from a variety of different materials:

  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Satin
  • Nylon
  • Denim
  • You Name it!
But 99% are either entirely made of lace or have some elements of it!

Do bralettes give support?

The erroneous believe is that this bras are for only women with small busts, however, there are many of them that are very supportive and can be worn by women with bigger bust / plus size.

Although the research shows that bralettes work best on up to DD cup. Should you just give up on them if you’re a DD or bigger? Absolutely not! Order a few bralettes and see how they fit. Just make sure to check company’s Return Policy.

What are bralette bras used for

More than 40% of modern women wear bralette bras daily. Because how else can we explain the fact that the biggest US and European underwear stores suffered major sales fall of push-up bras (up to 50%) and even bigger sales raise of bralette bras (more than 120%)? Well, everything becomes clear when you read about all the benefits this type of lingerie has…

  1. To give you free movements

Bralette bras have no wires so they don’t restrict your movements during the day.

  1. To make you feel super comfy

Their soft cups will be like your second skin. You won’t even realise that you have a lingerie on you!

  1. To suit every outfit

No matter if you want to wear a cotton blouse or tight-fitting jersey dress, the bralette bra will perfectly match your look!

  1. To make you look feminine

They give your breasts nice and natural shape that is very attractive to men.

  1. To give the right breast shape to the ladies with curves

Women with bigger busts prefer bras with soft and thin cups, that is why bralettes are so popular among them.

  1. To look fashionable

Bralettes are one of the most popular fashion trends of this year.

  1. To make you feel sexy

Silky and comfortable, erotic and sensual – this type of lingerie will definitely make you feel like a queen!


Types of bralettes

There are many different types and no matter your size or age you will find one that fits.

Some of the main types include:

1. see through:

Have a complete romantic feel with a see through bralette. With this type, your sexiness will be completely expounded.

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2. triangle:

Cups of these bralettes have tringle form unlike tube or halter neck (where lace covers the chest area all the way up to the neck).

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3. longline:

This is probably the longest bralette in the market, extending to the torso. This bra will give you a flattering look and will totally make you feel confident in how you look.

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4. strappy or harness:

Super sexy and erotic. Basically it has a bunch of straps in front or at the back or both.

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There are many other bralettes, depending on the occasion and what you want.

From pawm to king queen

Bralettes and other lingerie have been around for quite a long time, but they have always played supporting role to bra. However, with a lot of women seeking to break themselves free from the yoke that underwire and pad bring, bralettes are beginning to gain wide prominence and acceptance.

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